Saari Partners, established in 2018, is a Finnish fund manager for the Saari I private equity fund. Saari I has capital commitments of €42 M and is open for investments until 01/2019.

The fund invests in Finnish small and mid-sized service companies with entrepreneurial drive and the potential to achieve competitive advantage through the means of digitalization, branding and consolidation.


Our team has outstanding hands-on operational experience in marketing, branding, digitalization, finance and M&A. Our portfolio companies are chosen on their potential to gain maximum competitive advantage from our substantial expertise.

We actively seek out ambitious entrepreneurs with the will to take their company to the top. While we invest in majority share, we believe in close collaboration with the entrepreneur to achieve shared success.

Saari Partners is a proud member of Finnish Venture Capital Association and we comply with quidelines set to promote transparency in private equity and in venture capital industries. Saari Partners is under supervision of Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and is a Registered / Licensed AIFM.


Saari I Fund is managed by Saari Partners Oy, equally owned by founding partners.


Saari I investors represent following type of organisations:
Public sector 28,6 %
Fund of Funds 26,2 %
Pension funds 23,8 %
Family Offices 9,9 %
Banks 4,8 %
Other 2,5 %
Saari Partners (GP) 2,4 %
Insurance company 1,9 %

Saari Partners follows The International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines (IPEVG) to determine the value of its portfolio companies. We follow the Investor Reporting Guidelines of Invest Europe to report to our investors. Reporting is done quarterly.


We naturally comply with the rules and recommendationsof of FVCA for responsible investing. But responsible investing is a far larger topic for us, we believe only sustainable operations can be truly profitable and value adding in the long term. We strive to build a culture of trust, transparency and responsibility within our own operations and within companies we work with so that it becomes a way of working rather than a check list.

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