Investment year: 2018
Revenue: 2 M eur (2017)
Industry: Work and building safety
Web site:

Safetum manages building safety for over 6000 Nordic buildings and work safety for over 300 companies. Currently the company employs 20 people in Helsinki.

And the mission is clear. Safetum wants to make building and work safety manageable and easy, to measure, monitor and track to prevent accidents, and to bring noticeable savings to customers.

”Safetum provides services that aren’t valuable only within the real estate industry, but actually to the whole society. It’s an honor to partner with a company that works with preventing damages and even loss of life due to building fires and accidents. Safetum is also an excellent and forward-looking partner for developing safety services through digitalization.”, says Mikael Lönnroth from Saari Partners.

“Saari Partners was chosen as a partner because of their competence and our shared values”, says Tuomas Jurvelin, founder and CEO of Safetum. ”Profitable growth has always been the core of Safetum and at this stage we preferred a partner, who has genuine desire for innovation- not just looking for steady growth. Together with Saari Partner, our customers and employees, we can build a Nordic success story”, Tuomas Jurvelin, Safetum CEO, continues.

There is a significant potential for digital improvement, using sensor technology to detect and to utilise AI to analyze, predict and prevent potential accidents. Digitalization enables all stakeholders, from owners to managers, residents and workers, to co-create a safer environment.

Cervi Talotekniikka

Investment year: 2018
Revenue: 4 M eur (2017)
Industry: Air ventilation services
Web site:

Cervi is the market leader in air ventilation industry and it currently employs 100 persons in the Helsinki and Tampere areas. Cervi offers a complete set of ventilation services, ranging from analysis and measurement to installation and maintenance of ventilation systems. One of the primary goals of the new partnership is to strengthen Cervi’s position as an end-to-end service provider for ventilation related services, and increase the company’s geographical coverage within the Finnish market.

“We are very proud that we have been able to create our own digital environment for continuously improving our operations”, says sales director Karl Jensen. “We have pushed forward with automation, and, maybe even more importantly, focused on customer communication, so usually we are able keep the customer updated in real time of what has happened and what is happening next.”

The company will continue its substantial investments in digitalization. Using modern sensor technologies and intelligent ventilation systems, it sees good opportunities for increasing the quality of air as well as energy efficiency for building residents, management and owners.

Cervi has grown organically from 1.5 M eur to 4 M eur in one year and is now targeting to further accelerate growth together with Saari Partners. Cervi aims to increase sales fivefold within investment period, aided by a steadily growing repair construction market. Current owners CEO Petri Valve and Sales Director Karl Jensenwill continue in their present roles and as substantial minority shareholders of the company.

”Cervi’s passionate team, strong culture and superb growth impressed us”, says Ben Wredefrom Saari Partners. “They have along and successful track record within the industry, but we were especially happy to see their forward looking attitude and constant drive towards improvement. Cervi has already taken good steps forward in digitalization and now will be able to increase the speed of development, improve the customer experience and also include new and proven technologies in our services”, Ben continues.

”With Saari’s commitment, two excellent teams are now joining forces. For us, it was crucial to find a partner who understands that value is more than numbers, and that the foundation for success is laid within the people, the employees of a company. We believe that the cooperation between us and Saari will be beneficial not only for the company, but for all of us”, adds CEO Petri Valve.

Cervi is set on growing both organically and through acquisitions. The year 2018 is expected to end with above 6 M eur in revenues and a profitable result.

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