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A thrilling journey has come to an end: Saari exits Cervi Talotekniikka

Cervi, a specialist in ventilation, clean indoor air and cooling, gets a new partner and shareholder as Saari I Ky exits and Intera Partners joins in.

Saari Partners and Cervi began their growth journey four years ago, when Cervi had a turnover just above 4 M eur with personnel less than one hundred. During these four years, Cervi has quadrupled their turnover and has become an industry leader with the most recognised brand and highly digitalized operations.

“It has been a privilege to be on this journey together with Saari and having two teams that complement each other. This has enabled us to achieve our five year plan in four years. But, now it’s time to move on to go after the next phase for Cervi. A bittersweet moment”, says Petri Valve, CEO of Cervi.

“Saari Partners was established in 2018 with the idea that smaller companies have difficulty in finding partners to support their growth. Our role is to invest in early and support potential companies through our operative capabilities. Cervi was an excellent case of this, and now they are ready for the next leap”, continues Ben Wrede from Saari Partners.

“What makes this journey unique and strong, is that we have gone through quite extraordinary times together with Saari, especially two years of Covid, and still managed to pull through successfully”, adds Kalle Jensen, partner at Cervi.

Current owners Petri Valve and Karl Jensen will continue in their present roles and as substantial shareholders of the company.