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Saari Partners acquires home cleaning business from Stella

Home cleaning business from Stella starts as an independent business, when private equity fund Saari Partners acquires it from Stella Kotipalvelut Oy. At the same time, Leena Meri will start as a CEO and co-owner of the new company.

S Kotisiivouspalvelut acquires the home cleaning business from Stella Kotipalvelut Oy. The transaction is valid from 1.1.2021 and the new CEO, Leena Meri, will start in 1.2.2021.

”Home cleaning is a growing and interesting business area and we are eager to start developing this well managed business further, in close co-operation with the current teams. Our aim to is to build a new leading player in the home cleaning business in Finland”, says Pirjo Kiiski from Saari Partners.

”I warmly welcome all Stella’s home cleaning personnel to the new company”, says Leena Meri, the CEO of the new company. “I am truly excited and grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to start creating the next chapter in this story together with the personnel and with Saari Partners”.

”We are delighted to start building this business together with Leena. She knows the business and has passion and determination to make this a success”, continues Mikael Lönnroth from Saari Partners. “We will focus heavily on quality and customer experience, as well as digitalization and developing a new brand. Having the whole personnel being part of defining the common future, will be a key success factor”, he says. 

Saari Partners is a private equity fund, established in 2018, focused on cultivating small service companies for success. The team has four equal partners, Mikael Lönnroth, Pirjo Kiiski, Ben Wrede and Mia Sirkiä, whose experience in digitalization, branding and consolidation will support portfolio companies to establish market leadership in their field.

Additional information: Pirjo Kiiski, Saari Partners, +358 40 569 1330

                                    Leena Meri, S Kotisiivouspalvelut, +358 50 311 4932