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Thriving on the strengths of our community.

We are a Finnish private equity fund focused on cultivating small and mid-sized service companies for success. We employ our exceptional experience in digitalization, branding and consolidation to help them establish market leadership in their field. Saari (English: island) gains advantage from the strengths of its community – on the capabilities, experience and commitment we bring to the table. We provide the required resources to complement the company’s strengths and serve as pilots over the next critical stage of growth.


Saari Partners, established in 2018, is a Finnish fund manager for the Saari I private equity fund. Saari I has capital commitments of €42 M. The fund invests in Finnish small and mid-sized service companies with entrepreneurial drive and the potential to achieve competitive advantage through the means of digitalization, branding and consolidation.

Our team has outstanding hands-on operational experience in marketing, branding, digitalization, finance and M&A. Our portfolio companies are chosen on their potential to gain maximum competitive advantage from our substantial expertise. We actively seek out ambitious entrepreneurs with the will to take their company to the top. While we invest in majority share, we believe in close collaboration with the entrepreneur to achieve shared success.

Saari Partners is a proud member of Finnish Venture Capital Association and we comply with quidelines set to promote transparency in private equity and in venture capital industries. Saari Partners is under supervision of Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and is a Registered / Licensed AIFM.

Ownership and management

Saari I Fund is managed by Saari Partners Oy, equally owned by founding partners.

The Crew

Saari I -The team members of Saari Partners will all work in close cooperation with the company leadership to add value within their respective competence areas. In addition to monetary resources, we provide strategic planning resources as well as hands-on knowledge regarding business design, service design, digitalisation, branding and process development, among others. .

Pirjo Kiiski

Founding Partner / Finance and Process development
+358 40 5691330

Pirjo has extensive knowledge of everything financial, as well as business analytics and logistics. Pirjo’s past work experience includes being the Nordic CFO of L’Oreal, Lumene’s CFO. She has also worked within the finance sector, Evli and at the Bank of Finland. Pirjo’s strengths are financial processes, data driven decision making and management team sparring.


Mikael Lönnroth

Founding Partner /
+358 45 1200011

Mikael is passionate about developing organisational culture and transforming business through digitalisation. He has led several successful digitalisation projects and worked as a management consultant as well as CIO for Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj and Turvatiimi Oyj. Mikael brings tech and digitalisation competence to the team.


Mia Sirkiä

Managing Partner / Brand & Marketing,
+358 40 8600240

Mia has worked in various roles in developing branding, sales and go-to-market. In her previous job she was responsible for the B2B marketing unit at brand agency Hasan & Partners, and has been developing brands and marketing for industrial, service and technology companies. Mia’s role in the team is to build value through customer centric thinking, branding and marketing.


Ben Wrede

Founding Partner /
M&A, Transactions
+358 40 5105940

Ben’s work history includes 10 years as CEO of Atine Group with in leading role in all M&A transactions. Ben has extensive experience in board work and supporting the company leadership/management to achieve their goals. Ben’s focus in the team is transactions, acquisitions and board level influencing.

Saari I Investors

  • Public sector 28,6 %
  • Fund of Funds 26,2 %
  • Pension Funds 23,8 %
  • Family Offices 9,9 %
  • Banks 4,8 %
  • Others 2,5 %
  • Saari Partners (GP) 2,4 %
  • Insurance companies 1,9 %

Saari Partners follows The International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines (IPEVG) to determine the value of its portfolio companies. We follow the Investor Reporting Guidelines of Invest Europe to report to our investors. Reporting is done quarterly.

Sustainable finance

We comply with all the rules and recommendations for sustainable finance, as set out by the EU, the FVCA, the UN and Invest Europe.

Sustainable finance is a far larger topic for us, however, and we believe that to be truly profitable and value-adding in the long term, sustainability is a must.

We strive to build a culture of trust, transparency, and responsibility within our own operations, as well as within the companies we work with. Sustainability is a way of working, rather than a checklist.

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Safetum Oy

Investment year: 2018
Revenue: 3,9 M eur (2021)
Industry: Building safety inspections, repair and SaaS-service

Safetum manages building safety for over 10.000 Finnish buildings.
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CERVI talotekniikka

Investment year: 2018
Revenue: 14,6 M eur (2021)
Industry: Air ventilation services

Cervi is the market leader in air ventilation industry and it currently employs almost 200 persons in the Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Kotka areas.
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Investment year: 2019
Revenue: 36,3 M eur (2021)
Industry: Real Estate Brokerage and virtual styling

Bo was build out of passion to deliver better real estate brokerage services. Services, that would be more personal, visually appealing, inspiring, holistic and relevant.
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Lempi Kodinhoito

Investment year: 2020
Revenue: 5,6 M eur (2021)
Industry: Home cleaning services

Lempi Kodinhoito was acquired from Stella Kotipalvelut and will start as an independent business as Saari Partners’ portfolio company. Lempi name and web site was launched during summer 2021.

Navix Oy

Investment year: 2021
Revenue: 18,1 M eur (2021)
Industry: Electrical systems and component design & manufacturing
Navix has designed and manufactured quality boat parts for well over 20 years. Navix products and services are sold to more than 10 countries, among our partners are leading European boat brands. Each year engineering and design team finishes nearly 500 projects, ranging from electrical systems and products for small to larger motor yachts and sailing boats to rugged work boats and utility vehicles

Geniem Oy

Investment year: 2022
Revenue: 5,0 M eur (2021)
Industry: IT consulting and software development

Geniem is a software development and consultancy company. Geniem specialises inWordPress and JavaScript technologies, and is among the top 3 WordPress providers in Finland. Geniem has its headquarter in Tampere, employing 90 people.

Your company?

Are you running a service business company with 5-15 Meur turnover? Don’t hesitate to be in touch to chat whether this is the place for your company.
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For Entrepreneurs

With team from Saari, you will get not just capital but also width of competence to support your growth. The experience from different functions is at your service for development projects as well as supporting daily operations. We always begin the cooperation with joint business plan and joint target setting.

We believe value can be achieved through business operations, not just financial engineering. We believe in investing in culture, customer centricity and technology, to generate growth and profitability.

Cooperation should be fun and built on trust and transparency. This forms a foundation that gets us through even the tough times as a team.

Combining two top teams has resulted growth in casual and innovative way. I couldn’t think of doing anything else, anywhere else than this.

– Perti Valve, CEO / Cervi

Energy and professionalism. These are factors, which I value most while working with Saari team. Professionalism is seen through tough targets and clear plans towards these targets. Energy is tangible with culture that supports trials, successes and active listening. Personally Saari team is more of a sparring partner than excel-driven investor.

– Teemu Kajava, CEO / Safetum

Cooperation with Saari team is very pragmatic and result driven. The team’s diverse background offers companies a strong support for developing both operative issues and strategic agenda.

– Tuomo Räsänen, CEO / Bo Family Group

Experienced and capable partners at Saari truly help me and my team in developing the business in a positive way. Respect and sincerity build trust and courage, which enables us to move towards ambitious targets. I know help and support is always available when needed.

– Leena Meri, CEO / Lempi kodinhoito

Contact information

Saari Partners Oy

Business ID: 2726866-4
Laivanvarustajankatu 5, 00140 Helsinki


Managing Partner
Mia Sirkiä

+358 40 8600 240

Laivanvarustajankatu 5, 00140 Helsinki, Suomi